A Journey Through a Fish Hatchery

Fish Hatcheries serve many purposes, not only do they support the surrounding area economically, they also provide a conservational purposes for many species.
The fishery starts with the harvesting of  fish in the river.  There are many techniques to capturing the fish, but once they are caught they are milked for both eggs and sperm.  Eggs are placed in special incubators that are supplied with constant flow of water.  The temperature of the water is closely regulated because it can determine how long it takes the eggs to develop. 
Once the eggs hatch the emerging fry are transported to rearing units where they are tended too until they are large enough for holding tanks.  There are multiple tanks and holding pens set up for different sizes/ages of the fish as they move through the hatchery. 
Throughout the rearing process they are feed and and kept in oxygen rich water. 
Once the fish have reached an optimum size, they are released from the hatchery back into the water way. This fish will then return during their spanning, therefor replenishing the stock of eggs and sperm for the hatchery.
These fish will have different fates, some being commercially caught and sold while others will be caught by anglers looking for a good fight.

Click Here for a video by Oden State Fish Hatchery that explains the journey the fish will endeavor from birth to release into the wild.


  1. Such a cool documentation of a fishery. I've seen the outsides of plenty of them but I never knew just what went on inside. Awesome pictures and descriptions!

  2. You do realize, yes, that the first image is not a photograph, but a screenshot from the Sims 3 game? And does not exist in real life?