Share Your Fishing Story!

Here at Got Fisheries?, we know one of the benefits of fishing are the stories heard and told by all fisherman alike. We would like to give you guys, our readers, a chance to post your own fishing stories and read some of ours as well. 

Here is a story from fisherman Gerry McGorry.

There is nothing better than seeing my daughter Kiley catching a nice brown trout. I have never seen a smile so big on her face as she turned around to show me the fish that she caught all by herself. She was glowing with fisherman's pride as she tied on the lure. With deadly accuracy she casted out her line and within a few seconds of the line hitting the water she got a bite! She handled the excitement like a professional fisherman as she reeled her first fish to shore. Landing of her first fish with no help from me made me a very proud father and fisherman. Now I will often catch her surfing the web to look for new fishing spots to try out. 

Kiley McGorry

Getting out on the water is now in her blood. She wants to fish them all, and with all that New York State has to offer for fresh water fishing through their hatchery program, we have our work cut out for us. Looking forward to many exciting fishing trips.

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  1. Once I caught a fish that was so long that I couldn't pull it into the boat. So I tied it to the stern, revved up the motor, and started home, with the idea that I would just tow it all the way back to the dock. The Coast Guard stopped me halfway and asked, "Do you know that you're towing a whale?"

    Yep. I turned out I had hooked a great white whale. The Coast Guard said I couldn't keep it, so I turned it loose and it swam off.

    (These don't have to be true, do they?)

  2. Once I went fishing on a charter boat out in the golf of mexico and I caught a string ray! It felt like I was trying to lift a trashcan lid of the floor of the ocean. Once I got it out of the water I had no idea what to do I had to get someone else to take it off the hook for me. They used this really cool dehooking tool and threw the ray back into the Ocean. Other people on the boat caught a shark and a pufferfish. One of the guys on the boat even blew the pufferfish up with his mouth!

    A less interesting but more relevant store is on April 1st at carpenters brook I caught about 10 brown trout and took 2 17 inchers home for dinner. Big thanks to the hatchery!

  3. One story I remember when I was a kid was once when my dad took my brothers and I to a fishing derby. My older brother went to cast and accidentally hooked my twin brother's ear! Needless to say we left shortly after, and my dad removed the hook. Luckily my twin brother did not get an unexpected piercing from the experience, he was fine.

  4. My brother and I went out on a little paddle boat on a smaller lake near Lake Placid, he just wanted to sit out on the water for a while with me while I was fishing. After a while he grew bored and wanted to go back to shore, so I handed him my fishing rod while I paddled us back. All of a sudden the line got snagged and as I was about to cut it, a glimmer of light shot by in the water! We both looked and each other and then frantically started to reel in and ended up pulling out a rainbow trout a little over a foot long. We were so happy and jumping up and down, little did we know everyone on shore was cheering for us.
    tl;dr - Little brother stole my catch

  5. Everyone has that one certain thing that just straight up freaks them out; for me it’s open water. Being in a body of water where I’m unable to see below me is something that I’ve always been uncomfortable with. When I was 10 years old my brother Jason, 30 years old at the time, brought me out on a fishing trip. I loved spending all the time I could with my big brother because we always got along so great. We rented an old junky motorboat that seemed like it was going to sink as soon as it was loaded into the water. We set out on our journey on good quiet Cassadaga Lake and off to enjoy a day away from reality fishing. The entire time I was afraid for the boat to tip over, and the whole time my brother reassured me that it wouldn’t tip and everything would be okay. I was hesitant going in the first place in fear of falling into the lake but going was one of the best decisions I could’ve made. Throughout the course of that day my brother and I caught more fish than I’ve ever seen caught in my entire life. It helped myself gain a greater appreciation for lakes and how important they are to be kept in environmentally stable conditions. Without having lakes able to sustain fish populations, fishing would cease to exist.

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